Transform reservations into a seamless journey from start to finish

Travelers no longer need to navigate multiple apps or websites to access up-to-date travel information, receive trip alerts, or purchase additional services. With Assisty, we offer a transformative solution that turns this frustrating and transactional experience into a fully personalized end-to-end journey. By doing so, we aim to enhance satisfaction levels, foster customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth.


  • Craft an enhanced travel experience for all travelers
    Craft an enhanced travel experience for all travelers

    Elevate the travel experience by providing indispensable information that can make all the difference. With Assisty, you can transform travelers into loyal customers by delivering personalized, real-time trip updates at every phase of their journey. Imagine offering the weather forecast as they pack their bags or suggesting airport VIP lounge access in the event of a flight delay. By engaging with your customers at every step, even before they realize they require assistance, you provide them with more time to savor and explore their surroundings.

  • Automate traveler servicing

    Empower travelers with self-servicing capabilities across various channels effortlessly using Assisty By automating post-booking services and delivering round-the-clock, personalized support in real-time, you can ensure a seamless experience for your travelers. Through proactive delivery of dynamic trip information and services at the right moment, you can effectively reduce the number of support calls, enabling your agents to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

  • Expand your monetization opportunities

    Maximize conversions through contextual cross-selling and upselling throughout the traveler's journey. With the power of data-driven contextualization, you can effortlessly offer the perfect services to the right traveler at the precise moment, taking into account their unique trip itinerary and context.
    By signing a single contract and implementing Assisty, you gain access to a diverse provider catalog with global coverage, enabling automated cross-selling. Each booking made through these services earns you a commission, significantly expanding your monetization opportunities per traveler. Simply choose the informational and bookable services you wish to offer, and Assisty's dynamic rules handle all the complexities of trip management.

  • Connect to any touchpoint

    Assisty offers seamless integration with any service or platform, regardless of the tools you currently utilize. Through APIs, you can effortlessly connect Assisty to your app, website, chatbot, messaging apps, or marketing automation tools, enabling you to deploy a digital travel assistant within a matter of weeks.
    If you're seeking to broaden your customer touchpoints, we also provide a travel assistant mobile app that can be effortlessly deployed without requiring any effort on your part. This allows you to expand your reach and provide an exceptional travel experience to your customers with minimal hassle.

Features for travel companies

  1. Quickly integrate and deploy with APIs
  2. Easily manage trip content with ready-made rules
  3. Reservation and provider completely independent
  4. Informative and bookable content with rich catalog

Features for travelers

  1. Easily complete your itinerary in one place
  2. Special notifications for you at every stage of your trip
  3. Proactive and real-time trip notifications
  4. Unique user experience as if you were chatting
  5. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no waiting


Enhance NPS and foster loyalty through elevated traveler experiences

Drive cost savings through the automation of post-booking traveler servicing

Elevate customer engagement throughout every step of the journey for enhanced satisfaction

Unlock scalable cross-selling opportunities and generate additional revenue streams

Utilizing traveler insights for personalized experiences

Assisty, the digital travel assistant behind CheckMyTrip, empowers millions of travelers annually. With deep insights into traveler needs and desires at each stage of their journey, Assisty leverages over 8 years of historical data to deliver an exceptional travel experience. Continuously optimized, it enables you to create a travel journey that resonates with and delights your customers.

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